Green tyrants


When you consider the green movement, green tyranny would be the best way to describe it. Consider many of their actions as they become clearer and clearer. None of this is by mistake;

Read on for five good reasons.

  1. BingBing, the words “green” and “tyranny” are mutually exclusive. Anyone who has felt the liberating beauty of a tree knows this to be true.

  2. Derek, we left the trees a few million years ago for a reason.
    Have you ever tried to invent fire in one?

  3. Winston Smith, from that snide remark it’s clear you are trying to paint me (and anyone similarly in touch with nature, such as early Homo sapiens) as primitive. But it is well known that those long gone societies seen as backward by the advocates of patriarchal, technological society were actually way ahead of us (or rather, you).

    Would the cave persons who invented fire ever have created the terrible threat that looms over us now, the threat of catastrophic climate change?

    Of course they wouldn’t have. They were too wise — too advanced — for that.

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