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Don’t upset Wendi Deng: NMA edition

Surely everyone’s heard by now that upon seeing her husband, 80 year old media mogul Rupert Murdoch, attacked by now former British Labour Party member and supposed comedian, Jonnie Marbles, it was Deng who, pardon my French, gave the idiot one helluva bitch slapping.

It wasn’t captured all that well on camera, but luckily for us, everyone’s favourite Taiwanese animators have come to the rescue!


ALP old guard stand up against Julia’s CO2 tax

Via Andrew Bolt, former NSW ALP premier Mossis Iemma and former ALP federal minister Gary Johns have spoken out against the proposed CO2 tax adding that it is destroying the Labor brand.

Will any current ALP MP have the moral, tactical and practical fortitude to do the same and cross the floor?

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