A lonely government

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Carbon cap and trade is dead in America, the Chicago emissions trading exchange has folded, and European nations keep fudging on their Kyoto Protocol promises. But Al Gore’s great green hope still has a champion: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who announced last week that her government will impose a cap-and-tax regime.

Read on.

If Juliar mentions China, India, the US or the EU one more time… well, just count the lies.

In more uplifting news, Aussie icons Cold Chisel are going on a “carbon positive” tour.

“We’re flying everywhere and we’ll be emitting as much [carbon (dioxide!)] as we possibly can.”

PS The Liberals really need to get rid of Malcomn Turnbull as fast as possible.

Indeed, he and party leader Tony Abbott are butting heads and there isn’t enough room in the party for the two of them IMHO.

Related: Yet another study that confirms sea level rises are slowing.

    • rogerthesurf
    • July 22nd, 2011

    “In more uplifting news, Aussie icons Cold Chisel are going on a “carbon positive” tour.

    “We’re flying everywhere and we’ll be emitting as much [carbon (dioxide!)] as we possibly can.””

    I saw them say that on our news here last night. Wow! I am an instant fan!

    The best since some cities started raising power consumption during Earth Hour:)




    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • July 22nd, 2011

    “Appropriately, the impending Chisel tour is called Light the Nitro, a reference to the practice of injecting nitrous oxide into a car’s carburettor to increase its performance, not to mention its carbon emissions.”

    Yet another misinformed media type pretending he knows what he’s on about.

    Nitrous (oxide) is used to increase the amount of available oxygen in a cylinder by breaking down into nitrogen gas and oxygen gas. Which increases the amount of fuel, usually petrol, that can be burned in a given cycle, indeed it increases the minimum amount of fuel that must be used to stop the engine from exploding. Nitrous also has the rather handy side effect of drastically reducing the intake charge temperature which allows more ignition timing to be employed, which also increases power output. It is always injected or fogged in AFTER the carby.

    Nitro(methane) is the fuel used by top shelf drag cars in much the same way as ordinary fuel. With the important exception that as it burns it releases more oxygen. Which allows more fuel to be burned. Which releases even more oxygen. Which allows even more fuel to be burned. Etc etc.

    This is the reason fuel cars throw 8 foot flames from the exhaust pipes. There is so much fuel shoved into the cylinders it simply doesnt have time to burn completely before the exhaust valve opens so out the pipes it goes. A close inspection of photos will reveal there are two flame colours, the yellow near the headers is the nitro itself burning. The larger white section above is airborne water vapor combusting as the intense heat and pressure disassociates the hydrogen and oxygen atoms before they ignite and rejoin.

    I say inspection of photos as it is rather hard to see in real life due to the unequal frequency of vibration between ones skull and eyeballs as a fuel car travels past. If you think an F1 car is loud Bing, you really need to see a fuel race.

    Also, on a completely mechanical level, injection does away with the need for carbys. Its just that simple.


    • 🙂

      That O2, oxygen, ironically is the substance that keeps us alive yet also kills us. Our bodies essentially rust because of it.

      Now what space mission was it where the cabin got so full of oxygen, they dared not scrape anything? Real question. I dunno.

      Muchas Thankas for the rant. Anytime.

      I hear what your saying re the funny cars. Do also hear however, Korean GP, end of longest straight in F1, 330kn/h, going into nasty righthander 120 degrees or so.

      Should be fun. Glanced back. yep. Tickets are still there.

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • July 23rd, 2011

    330? Yeah thats about right. Wait kph? LOL, no I mean mph. 0-330mph in about 4.5 seconds. 530kph in the new money. 0-160kph in about 0.8 seconds. Off the line they pull more than twice the G of the space shuttle (RIP).

    If you ran up an F1 car through the gears down a long straight and crossed the start line next to a stationary fuel car at a square 200mph (320kph) as he opened the throttle, you’d hear a sound “like the racetrack is being bombed” (I’ve never been bombed, but it cant be too far off) and then see a huge flash as he beats you to the line.

    Not only has he spotted you the take off speed of a 747, but he has caught and passed you with about 30 metres to go well inside 5 seconds over the standing quarter mile (402m). With near on a 100mph overtake and flames twice the height of your car lighting up the night sky. Nothing compares to a fuel car.

    We’ve got a saying in drag racing: ‘If you can turn, you’re not going fast enough’.

    As for the space flight, you’d be thinking of the Apollo series. At 13psi of pure oxygen, aluminium burns. Apollo 1.

      • J.M. Heinrichs
      • July 24th, 2011


  1. I am sure the Obama wishes he was Gillard, but he is not. He is sympathetic to her attempts, but fortunately has been stopped by the mid-term elections.

  1. July 22nd, 2011

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