Trouble in Norway [updated]

Although some may have first expected the perpetrator of the shootings on the island of Utoeya, Norway to have Islamist terrorist links, it turns out the shooter seems to have extreme right wing links.

Furthermore, he seems to be linked to the Friday bombings in Oslo that targeted the Norwegian Prime Minister.

That said, British Intelligence, as part of their efforts to help out, is still keeping a close eye of those suspected of Islamist terrorism.

It must be said, that any form of extremism, whether it be Islamist, Leftist, or Rightist doesn’t have any place whatsoever in Democracies with free citizens and free markets.

And any Leftist quick to point the finger at the Right in general should, as a wise man once said, tend to the log in his own eye.

Yes, we’re talking about the other problem of extreme left wing terrorism in Europe also.

Final thoughts:

Amid the destruction, my heart goes out to Norway and its people.


The Daily Mail has an in depth report including the face of the coward who did it.

With thanks to NastyCattle_Dog


An onimous tweet? The coward onlt joined twitter days before…


Odd that teacher, activist and ABC commentator Mike Stuchbery’s intitial knee jerk reaction is to compare a crazed mass murderer with Andrew Bolt.

Suspect profiled.

More here and here.

As it happened.


H/T Vexnews


Cops puzzled. Killer has no known extremist links. Looks like he acted alone, but then, if so, how’d he pull off the Oslo bombing – if he did indeed do it – even though, yes, as a farmer of sorts, he would have had access to large amounts of fertilizer used in the car bomb.

The tragic death toll stands at 91.

  1. Hi,
    My heart goes out to all the people in Norway, what a terrible situation, it must of been truly terrifying. My sympathies to all the people that lost family and friends.

    Why is it that tragedies like this always brings out the nut cases. Honestly this guy on tweeter needs to get a life. What an idiot.

    • Sarah
    • July 24th, 2011

    Um, Stuchbery didn’t go to Bolt as a first thought on hearing of the attack. He was responding to Bolt’s bizarre ill-informed rants on the Ozlo attacks.

    • They were based on initial early, unconfirmed news reports that Bolt noted were unconfirmed. As soon as the facts came in, Bolt presented them. What’s the beef?

      To suspect at first it may have been Islamist terrorists is not far-fetched by any means unless one is living in fantasy land.

      As you should well know, Europe, including Norway, does have a problem with this sort of stuff. And when you weigh up 17,494 deadly Islamist terrorist attacks since 9/11 vs a handful of attacks by the types like that Norwegian guy,well, I just don’t get your outrage.

      Anyway, Mike’s apologised; no, I don’t see any reason why Andrew has too; and really, debating this ad nauseum isn’t very constructive.

      I think Mike wants to move on. I told him I’m happy to move on considering he’s apologised for his smear of Bolt and by implication, his readers.

      To put it in other words, it’s bloody insulting being likened to some crazed mass murderer.

      Had the bloke been an extreme leftist (and extreme Leftist violence does exist in Europe also as a couple of above links demonstrate), it wouldn’t be very productive painting everyone on the Left with the same brush. Perhaps you’d be quite insulted if, had the guy been of the extreme Left (like, what’s the difference?), I insinuated you were some kind of crazy person in the same vein.

      I’ll say again, this isn’t really a Left/Right issue. It’s about extremism wherever it may come from.

      PS Whether you want to label Hitler as an extreme Rightist or extreme Leftist, and there is debate about that, the fact is he was – and therefore todays neo-Nazis are (the guy was on neo-Nazi forums) – a totalitarian extremist, and when you get to that stage, breaking it down into a basic Left/Right paradigm is moot.

      I’ll say again. It would be better to focus on what this is really about: reasonable folk like you and me vs extremists (whatever persuasion they may be).

      Also, I find it more than a little disturbing how the ABC keep harping on that he was Right-wing Christian fundamentalist, with the subtle suggestion (repeated often) that if you’re Christian and right of centre, you’re just as crazy. Juxtapose this to how often it is played down the perpetrator was Islamist.

      Note, however, I use the term “Islamist”, not “Muslim” because a true Muslim doesn’t go around terrorising people, either.

      IMHO, their religion has been hijacked by fundamentalists (fundamentalists of any persuasion [Right, Left, Muslim, Christian, Green] are bad news)… but that’s a debate for another time.

      Right now, our thoughts and prayers should be with the victims.

  2. The Telegraph is now calling him “right-wing” extremist. Is that acceptable?

    “The 32 year-old boasted that he was just one of up to 80 solo martyr cells recruited throughout Western Europe who were ready to follow his example of trying to overthrow governments tolerant of Islam.”

  1. July 24th, 2011

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