Norway shootings: the latest

It appears to have been planned since 2009. The shooter was a member of a neo-Nazi forum, he was a religious fundamentalist (Christian), and even linked to Charles Johnson’s LGF – a former rightist blog turned leftist.

That said, this is not a left-of-centre/right-of-centre issue. This is about reasonable people vs extremists and fundamentalists.

Oh, and that earlier claim by some Islamist group turns out to be “not real” (it’s in one of the links above somewhere). In fact, it looks like Anders Behring Breivik bought tons (6?) of fertilizer, the same stuff used in the car bomb in Oslo.

Latest death count stands at 92. May they rest in peace.

In related news, another tragic shooting by a lone crazed individual has occurred in Texas.

Of course, then there’s Amy Winehouse. An extraordinary talent gone too soon, but hardly news. It was never a question of if, but when. Go easy on the drugs, kids.

H/T @BreakingNews and VexNews

PS Most of those links should provide more updates if you want. Enough. This is Sunday and there’s the F1 to prepare for.

  1. Christians have ten very specific rules by which they agree to live by….. Thou Shalt Not Kill is very explicit….. may God have mercy on his soul

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