With stock markets tanking across the globe, with a US credit rating downgrade, with bullshit propaganda by our government to tax an essential trace gas, I am convinced PM Gillard’s latest brainfart to waste $100b WE DON’T HAVE on a high-speed train we don’t need is not incompetence, but rather a very calculated and deliberate effort to further drive her Fabian poison-tipped knife into the heart of the Australian capitalist economy as a Machiavellian means to an end of her ideological supposed socialist faux-Utopia.

The woman is not dumb. She knows what’s she’s doing.

Bugger history, these parasites refuse to learn. Curse the day Karl Marx was born.

Just look at this blog’s banner. To the left, is “perfect” communism. To the right is what free markets are capable of, even in the face – indeed a 12-minute missile away from – tyranny.

A good ol’ global financial collapse will work wonders in getting the masses to accept (want) even more government control, make us evermore dependant, wreck families, cost lives, and possibly (if their dreams come true), start another world war that will work wonders on supposed Gaia-raping overpopulation, get rid of genetic scum, and accelerate real scientific advances to boot.

Pity about you and me but we gotta species to think about.

PS I sincerely believe all these crises are manufactured, yet also believe most of us non-propagandists and non-opportunists are onto their scam, and basically their jig is up.

Of course, the unholy beast is most violent when faced with imminent death. A rough ride in the short term but we will prevail.

(yep, it’s sat. night…had a few 😉 ) Harry Potter marathon on in the background…

And if I add just 14 more words, that’s a 300-word rant done on the fly.

All I need to add is 9 more words. Done.

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