Riding it out until Monday’s “event”

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 8th, 2011

    I’m sorry I didn’t listen to this earlier. Just giving JB a bath, with this on in the background. I LOVE IT, BB! Thanks

    Mondays always suck coz ya have to clean up after the weekend!
    To Do: clean bathroom, make bed, washing, dishes, cook and eat dinner (Veal Scallopini), read Blogs, ring Mum and Daughter, and avoid Q&A unless topical on said blogs.

    Good News to hear Julia and her mob are down in the polls, again. Looking forward to interesting weeks ahead. Just think, mass anti-carbon-dioxide-tax demonstrations, resumed parliament, economic mayhem, convoy of no confidence, boat people, and well, everything really. Poor Julia; having to read all the kind wishes on her returned propaganda. 😦 NOT!

    Actually, cleaning the house suddenly seems like fun again.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • August 9th, 2011

    Jeff F Mastertraxx……………………………WTF was that???????????

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