But Malaysia can still send their 4000 to us [updated]

What a monumental stuff-up by the Gillard government. What an embarrassment.


Dennis Shanahan:

THE High Court of Australia has effectively ruled that the Gillard government is incompetent and incapable of delivering on its most fervently-held policies and beliefs.


While Julia Gillard has allowed images of people being put on planes bound for Malaysian refugee camps to form the edifice of her Malaysian solution, the basis for that political-inspired imagery has lacked political integrity, legislative remedy and, now, most importantly, legal force.

Australia is now bound to take an extra 4000 refugees from Malaysia – in itself a good and admirable thing – without Malaysia being required or able to take the 800 express-delivery illegal boat arrivals by the RAAF’s flying “Tampas”.


The High Court ruling states Nauru is an OK option, but will Gillard swallow that one after all the bile she’s spewed about our now-closed centre there over the years?


Just wondering, didn’t the government think to put a “get-out” clause when signing the deal with Malaysia? i.e. If we can’t send our 800 (e.g. High Court says NO), then we’re not obliged to take your 4000.

That’s one helluva oversight for Immigration minister Bowen and especially PM Gillard, a former lawyer.

Nauru not off the table after all?

And to think Labor quashed the former system of sending asylum seekers there because it was oh so not humane.

Anyway, Bowen says we have 4000 asylum seekers in our overflowing camps already… just how will they even fit an extra 4000? Even with the rate of asylum seekers being granted access rising from 40% to 70% in just the last six months, it’s still a big call, a call which smacks of Gillard just swinging the doors wide open, documents or no, and making shady people smugglers even richer.

You couldn’t do worse if you tried, which makes this blogger at least a little suspicious that something is up – that perhaps Gillard and Labor really did want all those Labor voters asylum seekers and then some all along. Get enough of them, all on welfare for years, and eventually it’d have to start making a real impact on the taxpayer, weaken them, make them ripe for even more dependency and control.

Meh. Who knows? Who knows what that shambles of a government is thinking. It’s just hard to imagine people who were “smart” enough to get themselves into such a position of power can truly be that friggin’ incompetent.

Heheh 😆 … maybe

    • mabba
    • August 31st, 2011

    The whole thing was just a thought bubble explosion/ knee jerk reaction, like the E.Timor ‘solution’, except Malaysia played along- & played them for fools. The worry is: what’s the next knee jerk reaction?

    • Part of me can’t help thinking is she/they trying to stuff the country up? Some kind of Fabian socialist game plan or something?

      BER, Pink Batts, the live cattle trade, this flop, the rest of it…


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