Come to Australia: buy now, pay later

With the government’s illegal immigration policy in tatters, the people smugglers are really starting to have a field day.

PEOPLE smugglers are offering asylum seekers in Indonesia passage to Australia by boat for as little as $US500 ($468) upfront, with the rest being paid after they are granted residency and find work, Afghans in Cisarua, West Java, have said.

The revelations of the ”travel now, pay later” scheme came as the asylum seekers expressed their delight at the High Court’s decision to quash the so-called Malaysia solution and predicted a fresh influx of boat arrivals.

Pity the poor sods trying to do the right thing by putting themselves on the official waiting list.

Gillard has turned immigration into a sick joke. Just how many more will die at sea in the near future we’ll never know.


I can’t help wondering how the people smugglers will ensure payment once their clients arrive in Australia. Keep one family member back as collateral?

Either way, if the new scheme really is the real deal, we’re looking at Aussie taxpayers money, in the form of welfare payments, going straight to people smugglers.

  1. September 2nd, 2011

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