Gillard asked to go, says NO

Senior ALP figures are considering asking PM Julia Gillard to step aside, citing she’s lost her authority. She’d be replaced by none other than Queensland’s only currently electable MP, Kevin Rudd, with Stephen Smith as deputy.

However, Gillard reckons she’s staying put.


Despite apparent leadership ambitions of his own, Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten is backing Gillard.

What’s that Bill? She has your full support? 😛

*Well, we all know how it is in politics when rivals start offering their public “support”*


Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie – or as I like to say, Pete Bjielke-Beattiesen – himself having recently been floated by others to contest the seat of Brisbane with the long-term view of becoming PM (he’s ruled it out), has come out and said to keep Julia in place.

“Julia Gillard is the best person to lead this country,” the former premier told the Queensland Media Club on Friday.

“To change leaders at this time would destroy the Labor Party.

“Hold your nerve. This is the time to hold your nerve and not change the leader.”

Really, Pete? Julia’s the best Labor can do?

Oh, dear.

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • September 2nd, 2011

    “Julia Gillard is the best person to lead this country”

    If thats the case, may God save us. Because we’re so far up **** creek we cant even hear the banjos anymore…

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