God I wish the shops in Korea had this.

A bit over this time last year, Lady bingbing and I were at the end of a 16 hour hot-as-Hades day having taken the ferry to Japan in the morning and running all over Fukuoka afterwards.

Yet still she wanted to look around the shops. Damn near killed me.

IKEA introduces a “crèche” for men
Buzzer reminds wives to pick men up
The top ten most embarrassing Dads

YOU’VE probably seen the “boyfriend chair” in clothing stores for bored shopping companions.

Now IKEA has taken the concept one step further by creating a “crèche” for retail-weary men, complete with Xbox consoles, pinball machines, continuous televised sport and free hot dogs.

MÄNLAND is being trialled for four days this Father’s Day weekend as a male-only play space to hang out in while wives and girlfriends peruse the aisles.

Lovin’ the umlaut.

And ladies, it’s not as if we ain’t lovin’ you. Just please understand men.don’t.do.shopping.

*almost wants me to feel like buying IKEA*

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • September 2nd, 2011

    “IKEA introduces a “crèche” for men”

    Cooooool, does it come with guns & pole dancers and a PS3, if that’s a yes them i’m onboard.

    • X-Box…

      Lady Jugs doesn’t read all your comments, now does she?

        • Carpe Jugulum
        • September 2nd, 2011

        Oh god no……………..the beatings would be terrible to behold. 🙂

        • Go on. Make her read it. You know you want to.

            • Carpe Jugulum
            • September 2nd, 2011

            Not while i still have a pulse

          • Carpe Jugulum
          • September 2nd, 2011

          On the upside Lady Jugulum blogs on financial sites out of Japan, as soon as you hear ‘baka’ you know she’s getting wound up.

          When you hear ‘Kutabare’ or ‘ Neboken Ja-Neyo’ or zakennayo’ then you know she is wound up and having a healthy debate on economics, ( Fuck you, Get Your Head out of Your Ass, fuck off ).

          I don’t read her comments either, but i do ask questions, especially when she looses her cool.

          How good is our life 🙂

          • So in LJ’s books, exactly how fucked is the Eurozone? Completely or catastrophically?

              • Carpe Jugulum
              • September 2nd, 2011

              She doesn’t trade in the euro, a lot of her clients are out of Japan and Hong Kong with a few punters out of the US and the currency transfers are, (at the moment), in Aust dollars, South African Krugerrand (gold content) or strangely enough the UK pound.

              Her clients will nominate a cutoff point for a defined currency (say the Yen) then buy $Aust in the Asian market for 78 cents, onsell in Australia for 82 cents onsell again for the gold in a Krugerrand and convert that to the Yuan or the pound depending on the rate of exchange. She has explained it but it is still a bit of a mystery to me.

              As an example she will handle up to 50, 000,000 in a single day (which must be approved by her boss), her boss will handle (approve) up to 15 billion, i’ve met him and he has his shit together.

              According to Lady Jugulum the euro is too unstable and only a short seller or speculator would bother with it, if Lady Jugs advises USA clients against the euro (& they would by a steaming turd) then the euro is a dead man walking.

              • I need to invest with your wife… guess I’m a few mil short ATM, though.

                Seriously, four fukn years and CFS didn’t make a dime. And you wonder why I cashed out with a wife to help support and a massive apartment drop that has to be ready in 2

                  • Carpe Jugulum
                  • September 2nd, 2011

                  If it’s any consolation i did my shirt with my shares, Avexa tanked (AVX) and Bluescope (BSL a share) has sit its daks in the last week. A portfilio worth in the high 5 figures is now worth about $30K it’s a gamble and a long term view is the best option.

                  Although i still wish i’d bought Rio Tino shares in the 1980’s at $25.

                  • Apple, Google?

                    It’s a pretty charmed life isn’t when we can sook about shares and still gain weight.

                  • Carpe Jugulum
                  • September 2nd, 2011

                  Trust me currency trading is the realm of the major institutions (insurance companies etc) or the uber wealthy. The rewards can be high but a delay of 1 minute on a transfer can mean a profit or loss, the markets work so fast.

                  Lady jugs may work in Aust time or 2 hours difference for Japanese clients or up to 6 hours difference for Asian clients or 8 to 12 hours difference for US clients her work hours suck the big one and the travel overseas for clients compounds the pressure. But she loves the job and her language skills are an asset in the Southern Hemisphere, she is a dude and yes without her my retirement would not be as comfortable as i would expect.

                  Sometimes you get lucky, i got the love of a good woman with sharp business acumen and financial savvy………………………how good is that 🙂

                  • Just add leather…

                    Na, good shit, mate. Trying to train LBB to be at least just a little more hard headed.

                    Prada and Gucci is fine, but have the fukn cash to back it up.

                    3hr mark of the Friday Night Party Mix… watching cats go psycho on each other… LBB working.

                    All good… so good, can’t legally drive by any stretch of the imagination.

                      • Carpe Jugulum
                      • September 2nd, 2011

                      “Just add leather” Must resist mental image, home alone until Wednesday.

                      Why do you do this to me WHY!!!!!!!!

                      Oh well time for a cold shower

                    • And then time for round two. LBB working in her hometown. Go up there tomorrow.

                      Psycho cats are psycho. Dinner time or more catnip?

          • PS How good. See below for context.


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