Editor resigns because scientific “consensus” breached

Via Bolta who has all the details, basically what we have is the editor-in-chief of a prestigious scientific journal, Wolfgang Wagner of Remote Sensing, has resigned because a peer-reviewed paper they published was peer-reviewed by three scientists with at least some scepticism towards the notion that the minor human contribution to a mostly natural yet essential life-enabling trace gas, CO2, is driving dangerous man-made climate change, itself undetectable through empirical testing.

Not that the paper has been proved wrong, far from it, but the small clique of alarmist scientists wasn’t consulted – “consensus” was breached – and now the proverbial has hit the fan.

Details here.


And remember, this comes just days after another group of scientists at CERN were gagged by their boss from interpreting data they collected – data that flies in the face of the “consensus” of course.

  1. Hi,
    It certainly is getting beyond the ridiculous, I just wish all the crap about climate change would stop, but of course the money that is involved is mind blowing, and while people are getting money for nothing I can only see this getting worse, and our lifestyle going down the drain. 😦

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • September 5th, 2011

    The ‘consensus’ house of cards is falling, it is just a slow motion fail.

    In the future people will look back and be left breathless at how badly they were connned.

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