Friday Night Party Music

After the week before, it was a bit of a slow news week wasn’t it?

Gillard and the ALP are still up the proverbial, but not any more so (would that even be possible?).

Perhaps even a bit less with that strong economic data coming out Wednesday or whenever it was.

Meh. My brain is my own worst enemy.

Resounding mental impression from the week?

Hearing on the radio K-to-the-Rudd hangin’ tight with his number one homie, the SG, the Banster.

AKA United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

KRudd getting hip and down… the mind shudders.

You know what, but? Let’s hope he does run the UN one day.

With any luck, he’ll run it into the ground all the way down to China Town just like he did with Australia.

Even better, can we have Julia Gillard running the UN?

She’d be virtually guaranteed to turn that place into a stench trench.

Oh wait…

Anyway, it’s Friday, and if you’re lucky enough to live in The Little Country That Could™, that means a four day weekend.

And for this underpaid libertarian, that can only mean one thing. 🙂

No idea who Sander van Doom is, but it’s a tidy mix regardless.


Oops! That’s Sander van Doorn. 😛


Oh, and the other thing that made me chuckle hours, days afterwards?

More from Electric Zoo, New York (they’re better at this than they are at surfing competitions, that’s for sure…)

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • September 9th, 2011

    Well it’s the end of another week. Lady Jugulum flew back to Aust on Wednesday and we have dined out this evening on Atlantic salmon with a creme brulle (for my take it’s a cheese sause) at one of our old haunts.

    The food was excellent, an evening alone with Lady Jugulum is heaven on a stick and life is good.

    I’m a little ambivalent about the choice of music, but que sera, all is well in the House of Jugulum.

    If your life is half as good as mine you are blessed.

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • September 9th, 2011

      Oh keerist i just saw the photo caption at the bottom of the page – i’m gonna need industrial strength paint stripper to cleanse this image from my brain.

      You Bastard.

      • Yeah, well. That’s what you get for flogging good news stories.

    • You were supposed to be up this way around August.

      What happened?

      You still have a chance to redeem yourself.

      There are still tickets available for the Korean F1.

      Don’t think about it.

      Just Do It.

      Impossible is Nothing.

        • Carpe Jugulum
        • September 9th, 2011

        Yes i know i was meant to be in Japan in August, but Lady Jugs had to go to New York & i ended up in the Bown Basin running back & forth out of Mackay to impress the client every 2 weeks.

        Trust me doing 6 flights in 4 days sucks the big one, having the wife away every week in 3 compounds the suckness.

        It will be Xmas in Aust (Bundy) this year and then we’re off to Kujyu or Nozawa for New Years skiing, the main part of Hakuba has too many tourists so we’ll give that a miss this year and spending last year in Kobe’s Chinatown is too surreal to repeat.

        It sucks to be me 🙂

        • I hate you so much right now.


          PS Four day weekend.

        • Anyway, gotta fly. Dinner, then clubbing… with all the cool people.

          Eat that weird beard.

    • Merilyn
    • September 10th, 2011

    Clubbing bing? Thought you said you were cutting back on expenses to save a bit of money???

    ……….and please bing NEVER put that photo of the lady at the airport back up again, what are you trying to do, give us a heart attack, from laughing?

    Hi Carpe sounds as though all is well in your kingdom.

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • September 10th, 2011

      Living the dream Merilyn, just living the dream.

    • Ahh, the trick is tank up (big time) at home beforehand, and then go minimalist when out. Soju is less than a buck 50 a bottle.

      Taxis, food, drinks,,, Spent less than 20 bucks.

        • Carpe Jugulum
        • September 10th, 2011

        Well done that man 🙂 , well planned evening

        • Merilyn
        • September 11th, 2011

        Very good thinking bing, glad you had an enjoyable evening.

        “Living the dream” yep Carpe it is a good feeling.

          • Carpe Jugulum
          • September 12th, 2011

          I owe it all to my beautiful Lady Jugulum :), some people are lucky, some are gifted and some have towering intellects, i married a girl with all three. So i’m the happiest sumbitch on the planet. (I’ve done OK as well).

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • September 10th, 2011

    Some incentive for performance improvement:


      • Merilyn
      • September 11th, 2011

      That was great J.M.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • September 11th, 2011

      I’ve seen the following linked video a number of times. It was just posted on that ‘’ site and is well worth a share. Enjoy!

      For the dare devil in us all, make sure you also check out “Grinding the Crack”

      ps. the music track to this is fan-fckn-tas-tic!

      • Grinding the crack? Isn’t that a bit brutal for a Sunday?

          • Sean of Deer Park
          • September 11th, 2011

          I just watched it 3 more time times! Watch. It is incredible!

  1. Too tired/hungover to turn it into a post, but that was 40 minutes of Champagne Rugby. 32/6.

    Good job boys.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • September 11th, 2011

    How interesting? The Bolt Report is not being shown at 4:30pm in Melbourne, as advertised.

    So annoyed. I slept in this morning as I have th flu and missed it. Now it’s not on al all!!!

    I just wrote to Bolt and asked if he cuase please post the show online. (I wonder what he said this morning to get him kicked off this arvo?) Bolt just updated the show was cancelled regional, but it’s not on in the city either?

    • Winston Smith
    • September 12th, 2011

    Boltas just posted that the NSW Police have gotten a complaint and some info from HSU members. They’re investigating…

      • Merilyn
      • September 12th, 2011

      The bit I find interesting Winston is this…..”Received additional information from union members this morning”…… now that is rather startling as usually they tend to close ranks.

        • Carpe Jugulum
        • September 12th, 2011

        I think that these crooks have crossed a line even their members can’t ignore.

        • Winston Smith
        • September 12th, 2011

        No, this is factional, Merilyn. The Left want to unseat the powerful Right of the party. It’s a God given chance to remove the NSW Right faction that has percolated into the national machine via Rudd.
        The talk of Rudd being brought back is filling the Left with hysterics.

          • Carpe Jugulum
          • September 13th, 2011

          I tend to agree there, the NSW right has infected national politics (look how badly they fucked up NSW) and the inevitable backlash has found a suitable forum.

          The apparatchiks who put gillzilla in power need to be done slowly over coals, i look forward to the alp internicine warfare as long as it keeps them out of power for a couple of generations.

    • Merilyn
    • September 14th, 2011

    Don’t know if you have seen this bing, but it might liven up your week.

    • Thanks for that, Merilyn (and for the other heads up the other day).

      With Julia, it makes you wonder what she really does stand for.

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