Giant fireball in sky may be more important than essential mostly natural trace gas

Anybody else’s universe crumbling down around them after reading that headline?

Scientists are gathering this week in Arizona for the 2011 SORCE (Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment) Science Meeting at which there is much discussion of the link between the Sun and climate change given the many new findings in the subject.

Dr Hari Om Vats of the Physical Research Laboratory in India said at the conference, “The Sun-weather relationship is becoming increasingly important. It is true that our understanding of the Sun and solar processes has increased dramatically during recent years, however, it is realised that the Sun affects the Earth’s environment is a much more complicated manner than we had imagined.”

In the wake of news about the CERN cloud chamber experiment that demonstrated a link between cosmic rays and the first stage of the cloud formation process Hiroko Miyahara of the University of Tokyo suggests that cosmic rays modulated by the Sun’s magnetic field played an important role in the so-called Little Ice Age – a period of cooling in the 17th century.

No worries. Power bills in Australia and, for example, the UK, are still going to rise  – are rising – dramatically thanks to giant useless carbon (dioxide) taxes, and billions wasted on so-far completely ineffective, massively costly (and subsidised) renewables.

Meanwhile, a brief explanation of what all the fuss is about.

PS Heard on the radio today that last night “Independent” Labor stooge, Mr 13% popularity Rob Headshott, said green energy to Australia will be like oil to Saudi Arabia.


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