Food for thought

Weren’t members of the government complaining that the Opposition was too negative and lacked policy?

THE Coalition is developing an ambitious plan to double Australia’s agricultural production by the middle of the century through a network of new dams in the Top End, which would open up millions of hectares of under-utilised land to food production.

That’s a policy and then some.

After meetings across every state, Mr Robb said Australia currently produced enough food for 60 million people, but a program to develop a “mosaic” of agricultural opportunities across the north could boost this figure to 120 million in two to three decades. “This is the century of food security,” Mr Robb said.

The government’s approach to food security so far has been nixing any moves to implement the aforementioned plan, proposals to flush precious farm water down the Murray-Darling, and crippling an industry – live cattle trade – on a whim.

More (and, yes, warmist CSIRO computer models play a part).

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