On Al Gore’s 24 hour FAILfest

A few weeks ago, I ran a little prelude to the now-passed Al Gore 24 hour climate of doomsday bonanza.

Lulz, even his “supporters” have canned him for it.

If you click now, ClimateDepot is all over this like ice on the East Antarctic shelf.

Another blogger, Tom Nelson, notes the Gore Effect striking yet again.

During Gore’s 24-hour climate hoax sales effort, and while it’s still summer in the Northern Hemisphere, 16 new city blocks of Arctic ice formed every second.

Too funny.

Meanwhile, some Canadian broadcaster, Charles Adler (any info, JM?), takes the polar bear prophet to town in a highly entertaining segment (if there’s one link you click, click this one).

Nice timing, Al, just as real science starts to get a decent run again.

Isn’t it fitting that the Australian Greens are really starting to panic and are moving to shut down the free press in Australia precisely when the government is trying to ram through taxation based on a has-been quack theory.*

*(apologies to our duck friends).

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • September 18th, 2011

    Well, if you’ve been reading “Small Dead Animals”: http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/ as often as you should have, you would be familiar with Mr Adler.

    Because I’m a really nice guy: http://www.charlesadler.com/


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