You know the global financial situation is dire when…

… Well, you already know it’s dire, but you know it’s really dire when Wayne Swan is voted the world’s best treasurer.

This is a bloke who, in the space of one budget, took us from a $20 billion surplus straight into billions of dollars of deficit.

This is a bloke who has us borrowing $135 million every single day.

This is a bloke whose helping bring in a giant useless tax that will actually see the government $4 billion out of pocket.

And now, this bloke is going to advise the G20.


And as for the people, Euromoney (too ironic) magazine, who voted for Swan? They sure know how to pick winners.

(Via Bolt reader Sherro’s email to AB)

Euromoney 2006 Best Investment Bank – Lehman Brothers (Busted 2007)

Euromoney 2006 Best Equity House – Morgan Stanley (Bailed out 2007)

Euromoney 2006 Best at Risk Management – Bear Stearns (Busted 2007)

Euromoney 2006 Best at Investor Services – Citigroup (Bailed out 2007)

And I’d like to note the favourable Euromoney commentary on AIG’s future, 2007 (bailed out 2007)


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