Why is that nutjob even given an international platform?

Yes, we’re talking about Iranian president Ahmadinijad. On and on he rambled for 20 minutes about holocaust denial, 9/11 and GFC conspiracy theories, how evil Israel and the US is, and that he’s just a peace loving freedom fighter.

What a joke.

Good on first the US, and then many EU nations walking out on him.

Better still, the US should walk out on the UN all together. They pay most of its fees, and what do they get in return? Garbage like that and the ICLEI, an international body of green warmist zealots, sticking their subsidised fingers into hundreds of local governments.

The UN is a subversion to democracy.

  1. He is given a stage at a place that is just as looney as he is.

    • Not just loony but dangerous, too.

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • September 24th, 2011

        It is a real shame the UN has become an organisation of despots and greedy individuals who use its power for the betterment of themselves and their mates, instead of the betterment of the people who make up the Nations they supposedly represent.. It makes sense to have a global organisation as a ‘go through guy’ to help people all over the world, in theory.

        The reality is; it does not work. The people who attain office in the UN hold political agenda’s and self interests ahead of the reason for its existence. Like Unionism, the people at the top skim the cream before any positive benefit comes to the people they supposedly represent and support.

        Created by the West, indeed Australia itself, it is time the West departed the UN and concentrate on its own backyard. Charity begins at home, etcetera. Too much money and policy decision making is being handed over to an unelected organisation, tied to the IMF and other bodies, which fails to help the very people it was originally intended to help.

        I agree, it has become very dangerous indeed. Australia, the US, France, Germany and the UK would be very wise to publicly question and cease funding to this bunch of rip-off merchants. If the UN says it’s good, chances are it’s bad for the people. The UN has become a gravy train for people who care little about the plights of people they supposedly represent.

        • About 2 months ago, the UN IPCC gravy train rolled into town. No matter the city I’m in derives much of its income from industry, the mayor is a complete green nut, and has been invited to speak at various green junkets around the world.

          In the council’s newspaper, Agenda 21/ICLEI is openly promoted and endorsed.

          BTW, about 1500 delegates that was. Unelected, yet paid for by various taxpayers all over the planet.

          What rot.

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