Could our chief scientist be any more ironic?

Ian Chubb:

AUSTRALIA’S chief scientist has urged the local scientific community to “stand up and be counted” to lift public understanding in the national climate change debate.

Professor Ian Chubb told a parliamentary inquiry the debate should be a “contest of ideas” and not an agenda-driven conflict.

“The scientific community as a whole has a great deal of responsibility to ensure science is elevated to where it once used to be, and not to be subject to attacks by people with all sorts of agendas,” Professor Chubb told the joint select committee inquiry in Canberra.

Australian Greens senator and committee member Christine Milne had asked Professor Chubb for his view on the success of sceptics in painting climate change science as a quasi-religion, with believers and non-believers.

How ironic that an agenda-driven scientist complains of driven agendas.

If our chief scientist wants to look at “agenda-driven” science, he’d best look no further than into a mirror, or perhaps across his desk at Greens MP, Christine Milne.

We have thousands upon thousands of people all banking on this trace gas quack theory. There’s the CSRIO, the agenda-driven IPCC, the ICLEI, Agenda 21, calls for more taxation, calls by the Greens for “global governance”, propaganda being presented to our kids in school… even my beloved F1 is being attacked.

If Chubb is so concerned about agendas, he’d best quit his job and shut the hell up.

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