Greens out out touch: survey

What a shame Labor is so in bed with the Greens, a party that, for example, wants to welcome all illegal arrivals with open arms and minimal checks (well, it’s great actually if you’re not an ALP fan).

IN the debate over asylum all sides believe there is an answer: and they have it. Human rights advocates argue the only humane course of action is to welcome those who arrive by boat.

The large majority of Australians, however, do not see the asylum issue in such straight-forward human rights terms.

A number of surveys during the past 18 months indicate the majority favour policy to deter boat arrivals, including mandatory detention.

An August Nielsen poll found 15 per cent of respondents considered boats should be sent back to sea and another 52 per cent that asylum-seekers should be kept in detention while their claims were assessed.

More detail is available in the Scanlon Foundation surveys, four of which have been conducted since 2007. The just released 2011 findings indicate only 22 per cent favour granting the right of permanent residence to asylum-seekers arriving by boat; 39 per cent favour asylum in Australia, but only on a temporary basis; the remaining 35 per cent want boats to be turned back or the asylum-seeker detained pending deportation.

Add up those last two, both holding reasonable and workable solutions, and we have almost three quarters of Aussies who’d probably agree that Gillard has made an absolute mess – needlessly too.

To be fair, at least PM Gillard isn’t siding with the Greens on this particular issue but her support of weakened laws coupled with her stubborn refusal to reinstate policies that worked is just as damaging.

More than 400 dead, PM…

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