An incompetence of presidents

UK Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage, Member of the European Parliament, ponders the collective noun for all the various presidents in the European Union, European Council etc.

Of particular note, there are the unelected, including “former” communists.

Most even casual observers know Europe is headed for a major crash, and Farage questions why, if what they’re doing hasn’t been working, then why do more of it?

The definition of insanity indeed, and he likens it to former Soviet Russia, and how today we laugh at them for things like declaring bumper harvests when in fact the opposite was true.

Headed for a crash, and James Delingpole congratulates British PM David Cameron for addressing the really important issues like, er, plastic bags.


Remember the trader who said Goldman Sachs rules the world? Here’s a bit more on that.


Now the EU is trying to stop the UK from extracting some of its own energy reserves.

What a bunch of largely unelected, anti-sovereign, former communist, green zealot ratbags.

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