Friday Night Party Music

The Springboks Samoa Rugby world cup game, the second half was a ripper. That said, Samoa’s out. Oh yeah, hence the late posting.

Anyway, thought about starting a bit retro. Don’t blame me. Blame Gavin Atkins for his two flea links.

Never realised Flea played bass on Busta Move… makes sense but.

And the youtube uploader has a ton of oldies.

Let’s see what happens.

There’s gonna be a few…

And the song which introduced me to all electronic music… picked up on a whim at a 2nd hand shop with no idea what would be on the CD.

Gotta do it.  To be all boring and serious, knowing current cultural references helps.

This bloke has even gotten into US films.

Yes, meanwhile, as Europe does its thing, Asia does its thing, too.

OK. Funky stuff now.

DJ Fuchkar (I know, awesome name, right?)

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