On censorship

We have a triple whammy being played out these days in Australia.

1. On Wednesday, we saw free speech in Australia curtailed not necessarily because of what someone said or wrote, but that some people (who?) were deemed by a judge to have been “reasonably likely” to have been offended.

2. The government is moving in on the free press, with an inquiry imminent and the fair chance that government licences to publish will be introduced. When it’s up to the government-of-the-day to decide what the citizenry may or may not read, then that is certainly a dark day for freedom and democracy.

3. There are moves to filter the Internet. Not a voluntary filter such as parents may use for their children, but a government-mandated filter that decrees what adult citizens may or may not read and therefore (the intention being) think.

Anyone who sees this as a move “forward” in an advanced society is either naive, deluded or dangerous.

And for those calling for certain columnists or publications to be withdrawn, there’s an easy way to do that: don’t buy it. Capitalism, the market, will soon see it gone.

Putting in place gatekeepers (unelected?) sets Australia down a very slippery slope, one that has been tried before in societies with spectacular failures.

How dare someone else whom I don’t know, tell me what I can and can’t read, watch, and think.

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