Our dubious climate policy

Professor Henry Ergas confronts Australian economist and wannabe climate guru, Ross Garnaut.

ROSS Garnaut has an unusual concept of democracy. The Prime Minister goes to the country promising “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Once in office, she then proposes to implement one, with the added twist of making repeal by a future government prohibitively costly. Yet, according to Garnaut, rejection of the government’s proposed legislation would amount to a failure of Australian democracy on a historical scale, indeed to “a corruption of democracy” caused by “distortion of reality and abuse of truth”.

The sky is green. Water makes you thirsty.

And then intellects like Professor Robert Manne insist us little people with even smaller brains should be shut out of the debate, with only those pre-approved (by whom?) being allowed to participate.

There is an ever-growing giant foul stench in the political air as day by day, we see evermore desperate measures by the decaying Left to reconsolidate their waning toxic grip on the psyche of the nation.

    • Merilyn
    • September 30th, 2011

    It has never been about the climate, it has always been about money and control of the people. We have had another letter from our electricity supplier that prices will be rising again, and now the Labor State Government has said they will also be charging extra because of putting the solar panels on the roof, because they didn’t have all the money for the rebates, because [wait for it] more people put up panels than what they were expecting!

    Democracy? No they don’t want that, as for Robert Manne he seems to change with the wind, wasn’t Howard the one according to him for was “killing”free speech? Now that is it happening with this government that is ok. Us peasants should know our place.

    • Manne’s sanctimony is breathtaking.

      • Prof. Robert Manne Forbids Free Speech

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