Will Obama even run?

Don Surber:

Now an insider has reported on a recent speech President Obama gave: “President Obama finished the speech, walked off the stage, was escorted to the back corridor where he collapsed into a seat against the wall. Both hands went to each side of his head which was leaning down almost between his knees. You could see marks on the sides of his face where the stage makeup had been rubbed off by his hands. He wears that stuff everywhere these days. A staffer walked up and leaned over the president and told him it was time to go. The president looked up, gave a little smile, and got to his feet slowly. Very slowly. The only word he said was ‘Yeah.’ There was no excitement. No energy from him. The people around the president seemed to ignore his condition. They looked right through him until he started walking down the hallway toward the outside. They followed alongside him and seemed to kind of push him out the door. The president looked incredibly tired. Used up.”

There’s more there including the observation no president has won re-election without Pennsylvania and Obama is way behind in that state.

More from Dick Morris.

NB That last link isn’t working on this work computer. Will try again at home. Essentially Morris is claiming a former Clinton advisor has said Obama will bow out of the presidential race.

How times change.


  1. He is running. But there is the slight chance he will do an LBJ (who was running in 68 until he lost in New Hampshire) and back out. I doubt it, but that is still a possibility.

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • October 1st, 2011

    No chance of a Harry Holt?

    • Winston Smith
    • October 2nd, 2011

    Whenever I see Obama on TV, I’m reminded of some of my patients we were trying to get off drugs in our Detox Ward. To me, he looks like he’s trying to get off coke.
    And failing.

    You’re right Wiz. I think a ‘Harold Holt disappearance’ will occur.

    • How many of us said that with his qualifications he wouldn’t be up to the job…?

  2. IN the states, we refer to it as a Jimmy Hoffa (Sr. of course). But I am intrigued by your comment. Not that I disagree, but how prevalent was the impression that he was unqualified outside of the US? I understand that many of the left establishment in Europe hailed his election as the second coming of the Messiah (as demonstrated by the Nobel Committee). Our own fawning media did not report any dissension in the ranks of our “allies” in their adoration of the man.

    • Well I can’t speak for Europe (just fuck off and make some more cheese), but at least the Right in Oz noticed that the show pony never held a real job in his life, voted present, and was up Bill Ayers’ arse.

      Most of the Oz media and commentators blew smoke where the sun don’t shine, also, however.

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