This can only be a good thing

I tips me lid to yas, sandgropers. A key ALP propaganda machine is out of WA.

Lobby industry insiders, from rival firms, said Hawker Britton “struggled” when the Barnett government was elected in 2008. One lobbyist said: “They tried to bring their clients in, but Liberal backbenchers, ministers, and staffers basically just said ‘how dare you meet with us or try and bring your client to meet with us, you and your staff worked individually in campaigns to try and make me lose my seat’. A lot of them took it very personally.”

In 2008, following the change in government, the company did attempt to use the services of former Liberal MP Katie Hodson Thomas but the experiment failed.

Hawker Britton, unlike many other lobbying firms, firmly aligns itself with Labor.

Mr Di Lollo admits that its partisan approach to lobbying can be problematic. “It is true an inherent business model weakness in the Hawker Britton model that when there is no Labor government there will be no Hawker Britton,”

As if “Independent” MP Tony Windsor, Bruce Hawker’s cousin, was ever going to remove the chip from his shoulder and help form a Coalition government.

The ABC would have done the public justice had they also shown footage of Hawker and Windsor together during their documentary of the the “independents” in the days after the inconclusive election.

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