Will the F1 also be burned?

I suspect the F1 Force India team has a lot to do with India staging its first formula one race this year.

Hope it works out better for them than the following.

A YEAR after the dazzling opening ceremony that India said would dispel all doubts about its ability to stage world events, the Commonwealth Games experience has proved a disaster for the ambitious nation and many who signed on to help out.

The Delhi Games fiasco has exposed to the world the inherent dangers of doing business in the subcontinent; a message those already stung say must not go unheeded in the Gillard government’s upcoming white paper on “Australia in the Asian Century”.

The NSW government isn’t even waiting for the white paper. They’re going there next month.

Six Australian contractors to the Games are fighting to recover a combined $22 million in unpaid debts. Some are also battling breach-of-contract allegations from a revisionist organising committee trying to claw back money already paid. The total debt owed to 20 contractors is more than $85m.

Meh. That’s barely half what our government borrows in a day.

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