MORE progressive???

‘Cause it’s working sooooo well for Labor so far.

THE fight for Labor’s federal presidency has become a battle over the values and direction of the party, with rookie Victorian state MP Jane Garrett agitating for a shift to the Left to defeat the growing threat of the Greens.

Is this woman a Liberal Party stooge? At 26 per cent. A move to the left?

To combat the Greens???

Sorry, Melbourne, you guys are so screwy these days.

Seriously, what does Victoria contribute to the national economy?

And how much do they take?

The WA Premier is giving Victoria a warning.

Campbell Newman will, too, when he wins the QLD election.

Apart from producing Underbelly, giving us the worst PM that could ever be conceived, and screwing their own dairy farmers, seriously, what the FUCK has Victoria done lately?

A ban on back-burning? Christine Nixon? A dam?

Or a pathetic-arse take-a-bucket-to-your-shower-to-save-the planet bullshit gesture that is making a once-beautiful city a sorry joke.


And your airport’s old and it sucks.

And you’re the only city that can’t make money off the F1… Even Adelaide did.

    • Merilyn
    • October 4th, 2011

    In all fairness the worst PM we have ever had was born in Wales, so it is Wales fault that we have her, however, you are spot on with the rest.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • October 4th, 2011

    Are you disrespecting me? 😆

    Interesting questions, BB. Victoria still has a huge manufacturing base. Victoria contributes 30% to Australia’s overall manufacturing and heaps of Agriculture and world exports. Victorian Ports are among the busiest in the Nation. Apparently, it is more cost effective as a distribution hub to ship goods to and from here, then transport the stuff via rail/road around the Nation. Obviously, the big miners are not so much our thing, but we are the Nations second largest producer of Gas and Oil.

    From memory, we have 25% of Australia’s population, with Melbourne set to overtake Sydney as Australia’s most populous city. Most government money is pumped into Property Development (Infrastructure & Construction). Not just here, but for overseas markets as well.

    We have a massive Eduction sector, Biotech and Information Technology industries. For example, Telstra has Australia’s largest mainframe computer centre here (So too, do IBM, ANZ, NAB and BHP). Melbourne is home to many company headquarters for Australia such as Kraft Foods, Cadbury, General Motors, Ford and even Boeing Aerospace. Did you know 57% of Australia’s confectionery market lives here – The Mars factory in Ballarat is awesome btw!

    Melbourne is home to Australia’s largest Finance, Insurance, Investment and Property Services industries. Then there is Seafood, Meat and Wool; not as big as it should be but still a huge asset. Could go on for hours.

    Politics dominates the perception of everything, the reality is MP’s talk shit and contribute little to what our Nation produces. Overall, Melbourne and Victoria have huge growth potential, a place where you can have a great lifestyle and make a good living in any field you choose. On behalf of all sensible Victorians; I apologise profusely for inflicting the ALP, Trades Hall and the Green’s on all Australian’s. Be assured we are working furiously to rectify the situation.

    • To be fair, it’s also where LBB lived when she lived in Oz. Loved the place.

      Also, to continue in this spirit of fairness, really sorry about inflicting KRudd and the Goose on everyone else.

      • J.M. Heinrichs
      • October 4th, 2011

      … and no mountains.


    • Carpe Jugulum
    • October 4th, 2011

    ‘And your airport’s old and it sucks.’

    ‘And you’re the only city that can’t make money off the F1’;

    At least Melbourne has the domestic & international terminals in the same building, Sydney & Brisbane suck the big one.

    As far as shit airports go Canberra must hold the record with Cairns a close second.

    The F1 – it’s meant to make money for the host country? Bernie Ecclestone would disagree.

    ‘what the FUCK has Victoria done lately’ – Eastlink?, the baptist ladies netball team has a new venue?……..nah………….i got nothing


      • Sean of Deer Park
      • October 4th, 2011

      hehehe… yep, the airport sucks alright; but not for the obvious reasons! Renovations have recently been completed on the terminal, etc, at Melbourne Airport. The runways are currently being upgraded for more A380 traffic; which is nice, as it is fairly quiet around my part of town as there are minimal planes flying along the normal approach over my house (yay!) while runways 26 and 34 are being extended and resurfaced. There is now an Airport Hilton, a massive multi-storey car park and a shopping centre on the site. Reminds me a bit of San Francisco Airport.

      Here is some exclusive and interesting gossip (you probably wont find this info anywhere and I have not seen this for myself to confirm categorically, but I am told it is true; perhaps under a confidentiality agreement I guess/assume). I was told this information via a Councilor who is a friend of Baillieu, and it was also confirmed to me by Domestic Pilots working out of Melbourne (my sis’ was a trolley dolly for many years). The Brack’s government authorised the upgrade and spent a bundle of cash, even though the Airport was privatised. An underground railway link now exists underneath the airport, but is not in use as it is not connected to the Metro Lines from Broadmeadows; yet.

      Brack’s signed off on a contract to ensure the rail link was not connected for 25 years to save the State from paying for the infrastructure to connect it to the Melbourne rail network. The ALP do seem to hate spending money on transport infrastructure; the reason apparently being something to do with population. (Like, when it finally gets to busting point and can thus make a buck!) The ALP like to make grandiose promises on transport issues, but never deliver. Their empty promises win elections because the sheeple believe them. As an example; we were promised an electric rail link here in Deer Park back in 1973, they even put up all the overheads frames but took them down in the Eighties for resuse on other lines. We are still waiting and this became an issue again after the release of the ‘Eddington Report’, before the last election. The Green’s are now on this particular bandwagon. If it sounds good, promote your enthusiasm and support it… It matters, not, if you don’t deliver. It’s the thought that counts when it comes to votes.

      The airport link to the city was denied to help out Trans-urban (road tolls = guaranteed vehicle traffic), or so I have been told. Cost benefits, and all that. Sounds more like helping out mates to me but that is the ALP way. Eternal promises with no result. When will the sheeple learn?

      The F1 thing. I dunno. The event is busy as all fuck, but can’t seem to turn a dollar? I can only imagine some have seen an opportunity to fleece the State of any valued return. The people here love it, travellers coming from all over the place. The clubs, restaurants and hotels are full at GP time and the business sector buys in big. But still the taxpayer is in the negative. Who can say?

      Aside from all that. I agree, our current government need to come out with some big future plans and deliver. Not likely, considering the increasing debt imposed on us by Brack’s and Co. (where is that plan for a new dam?) I get the feeling Baillieu is quietly figuring out what they can do, given the hefty debts and contracts they inherited from the ALP (Desal, anyone?) A wait and see moment in our history. They (Libs) better do something quick or else we run the risk of a return to hard Labour. Not good! I have always believed if the ALP put their minds to it, our democracy would be better. After all, they advertise they are for the people. The reality seems they are more interested in self-preservation and ‘cream off the top’. Sad, greedy people, in it for themselves; in my humble opinion.

      • Surely we’d know about an entire railway link being built, but. Hard to keep that one a secret.

        I’d love to go to the Melbourne F1 one day. The Korean one last year was abyssmal TBH. Of course, it’ll be much better this year (sheer logic dictates that unless they’ve replaced it with a dirt track, it couldn’t be any worse.

        That said, I’m just stoked The Little Country That Could even HAS an F1 race. And last year, with low numbers on the Friday, and any semblance of organisation still at the airport in Japan, I was able to wander round the main grandstand (not bad for someone whose tickets cost 10x less), and on race day, got far better seats than we paid for as our grandstand was closed.

          • Sean of Deer Park
          • October 5th, 2011

          Ah, “underground railway link”. Think hole in the ground, ready to be fitted out with tracks etc in the future. I assume the space is utilised for other purposes until then. My understanding is the structure was thought to be more cost effective to put in place now than rework after the caveat is lifted in 25 years time.

          I apologise for making myself seem like a truther! I was commenting drunk last night, my bad.

          I remember asking someone about “Burger King” and “Hungry Jacks”. The answer was overseas visitors didn’t associate “Hungry Jacks” with the product branding in Australia. At the time, they were planning on re-branding all the “Hungry Jacks” outlet here to “Burger King”. The company later decided it was too expensive and the “Hungry Jacks” outlets now had an established market. Remember, many of the “Hungry Jacks” stores were originally “Wendy’s”. A bit like when Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC and bought out all the “Ollie’s Trolley’s” outlets and re-branded them.

          • Wendy’s is a bit before my time. The only Wendy’s I ever knew was/is the pink and white milkshake chain.

            Alternatively, the yellow/red burger joint Wendy’s could well have been in Melbourne and Sydney back in the day without ever having come to Brisbane. Same goes with Ollie’s Trolley’s. First I’ve heard of them.

            Going back to the HJ/BK thing, well, OK, I guess it’s plausible some people wouldn’t look at the logos and twig.

            I wonder which store had the better sales…

            BTW, I wasn’t implying your drunk ass is a troofer. Besides, everyone has a bit of troofer in them. Mine’s the 666 barcode/implant one. Does my head in.

          • Re: Hungry Jacks – I can see the confusion. In the states, that is associated with Pancakes.

            • But seriously, it’s this vs this.

              American mate just popped over. First impression was “rip-off”. Yet they exist in Australia only 50m apart?

              It’s Australia, not China FFS.

              He mentioned your Hungry Jacks.


              Related. And I agree completely.

              (not that I’m sayin’ yer fat!) 😉

    • Fair shake of Krudd’s sauce bottle when it comes to the two Bris Vegas airports; the domestic is not even five minutes down the road. You can even catch that over-priced train there.

      Most f1 races make money for the host country also. Somehow, in Victoria, you guys manage to lose around $35 mil.

      But going back to airports, yes, that is handy having the Int. and Dom. in the one terminal at Tullermarine.

      Haven’t been there in years, but ages ago, I remember there being a Burger King and Hungry Jacks with 50 metres of each other.

      What’s the deal with that one?

  1. It is simply a failure to identify your enemy. While the Greens are a threat to the left, when the dust settles, they will unite with Labor to form a government. The threat to labor are the liberals. But Gillard has removed any possibility of moving in that direction with her carbon tax.

    • Merilyn
    • October 5th, 2011

    More progressive eh, every time this government and their cronies open their mouths it seems they just want to tax us to a stand still, enough already.

    Have to say though at least now more people realise just what the Greens stand for, and it is not trees, but to rule their lives.

    • Can someone please enlighten me as to why we’re even having this stupid tax summit in the first place?

        • Merilyn
        • October 5th, 2011

        Bing from what I can gather it was Oakeshott who demanded it as part of his deal with Labor.

        Of course Labor must have had a million or two to spare so they could showcase Julia, Wayne, Bob and Co so the people could see how important they are, and of course Wayne Swan had to show off how he is [choke, splutter] The World’s Best Treasurer.

        Of course you also know that Bob Brown likes to call the shots, well he may have made a blunder yesterday by saying Tony Abbott should have been at the forum, said they had been invited but according to Tony Abbott they weren’t.

        Tony Abbott also said the whole forum was a complete waste of time as the carbon taxMining tax was not on the agenda.

    • Merilyn
    • October 6th, 2011

    Bing don’t know if this will work, but it shows just what Oakeshott is like.

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • October 6th, 2011

      Oh sweet cheeses on a stick

    • Managed 4 minutes, and that included going to the bathroom and pouring another drink.

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