Back in the USSR?

Via Rogue Operator:

Russian President Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is seeking to restore the Old Soviet Union form a new Eurasian Unionout of spun-off satellites of the former USSR.  Russia’s ambition should come as no surprise to those who follow geopolitical affairs. But what should come as hair of the dog to those still hung over from the Cold War’s ending is that Putin’s playbook is so utterly predictable, and his ambitions don’t stop with his supposed  sphere of influence in Eastern Europe, the Caucuses, and Central Asia. What Putin seeks is to expand a web of corruption into Europe and around the world in order to ideologically secure Russia from liberal Western influence.

One doesn’t have to dabble in conspiracy about world communism, which remains a mantle aloof from criticism in some intellectual circles, in order to expand upon this point. The utopian aspirations of socialists also need not be dwelt on for too long; suffice to say, no country has been sufficiently socialist or communist according to the theoretical ruminations of scholars to indict the theory for most, and every country that has called itself communist or socialist (including the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) has been more hierarchical and corrupt than any capitalist country in the world. Soviet Russia was no exception.

(Definitely worth the whole read)

With the massively weakened Western economies we see now – a failed experiment where socialist fantasies have been steadily injected into the arm of the free market – coupled with little public nor political will for any more military action, Putin has bided his time well.

Now, as before, just how much resistance will former Soviet bloc nations be able to muster, or even Europe and the US as a whole, least of all with Russia’s now far more effectively utilised energy reserves (and the money that comes with it) that flow to, among other areas, Eastern Europe?

Putin may not be able to recreate the Soviet Union, but he won’t need to. Countries in Russia’s vicinity will be either economically blackmailed or militarily intimidated, or both. And as the West gets drunk and stumbles around attempting to pound state-friendly socialist policies into their capitalist economies, pragmatic and opportunistic Russia will go about its business, selling oil and gas to dilapidated “green economies.” Russia has moved beyond communism, and no longer drinks its own vodka.  And unless we want to wake up with Stalin mustaches drawn on our faces, we best start sobering up.

Incidentally, that’s the thing with “global” warming, isn’t it? Only Western liberals have any real concern over it. So whilst we cripple our biggest industries – industries that keep us rich and strong – and dither about introducing taxes on trace gases that won’t affect climate nor temperature one bit, countries like Russia, like China, like India will surge ahead with at best lip service paid to the prancing Leftist unicorn that is the idea that we can really do what King Canute couldn’t.

Just enough lip service so that we don’t become too much of a bother.

    • Winston Smith
    • October 6th, 2011

    I’ve been saying for a year now, that Russia would be mad to not be dusting off its own “Dash to the Channel” scenarios. Western Europe would be hard pressed to mobilise 20 Divisions in under a fortnight. And the French would love to fight a nuclear war on German soil.

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