Bolta manages a smile

Good on him. Not that he isn’t still fully aware of the seriousness of the current situation in Oz, but thanks to the sheer, utter absurdity and ridiculousness of the Australian Left, it looks like we’re getting our old Bolta back.

It’ll be interesting to hear his overall tone on MTR today.

For me, that point [where you have to laugh] came on Monday, five days after being found to have breached the Racial Vilification Act for writing about fair-skinned Aborigines, by which time I’d read that I was actually a “Lying Dutchman” (Sydney Morning Herald) from the “outback” (The Monthly) of a country I’d never written about “with passion” (The Age), since I was confused about my identity and clung to “an archaic notion of European culture” (The Age).

I’d read that it was “the neo-Calvinist faith instilled by (my) Dutch father” (Crikey) which made me obsessed with the purity of the “Master Race” (The Age) and convinced that Aborigines were an “inferior race” which got “too much support” (The Age).

By Monday I’d even acquired a “former fiancee” (The Monthly) who next issue will help explain how I changed from the “‘introverted, restless, romantic’, with strong ethics” she’d reportedly known into this thing with dreadful views I never knew I had.

Naturally, I blamed my wife for this transformation – from a Byronic figure into a “serpent” (The Age) and “egomaniacal lackwit” with a “soft, white, privileged a— “ (Brisbane Times) who “prefers his darkies dark” (SMH) – but oddly enough she wasn’t in a laughing mood.

Can’t blame Sally for not seeing the funny side of this most creative writing.

Speaking of which, I know mine did, and as far as I’m aware, most journalism courses do offer a creative writing class.

In a media-pack attack like this, driven so much by ideology, the target of all this superheated venting just vanishes. I’ve been replaced by a make-believe monster so cartoonish that no one of sense could possibly believe it.

Which means, of course, that many on the Left will.

And how convenient it is for our creative writers that it’s well-known Bolt isn’t the litigious type? The courts would be tied up for years.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • October 5th, 2011

    I thought it was a great read, too. I agree with you, BB, we are starting to see the old Bolta back. I also thought it interesting comments on the thread are turned on. The Mod’s are again allowed to sift through the thoughts of readers. It’s nice to see some of the old names reappearing on his blog lately. (Did you see Andrew fessed up he doesn’t moderate his blog anymore, a couple of weekends ago in Tips for Today? He need to say that.)

    Also, a note referring to young ‘Winston Smith’ in the thread; that was a mighty fine offer he made to kick in for a defence appeal. I sent a few dollars to the IPA myself this week on condition of anonymity. The IPA (a lovely fellow by the name of Bob) said they were so appreciative of the support they have received. The proposed advertisement has already been paid for and a ‘large’ fund is available for further activities and is still growing.

    Bob asked me why I felt the need to be kind enough to contribute, out of interest. My answer was simply that I appreciated the support and work the IPA have done on Andrew’s behalf and wanted to return the favour in kind. Free speech is paramount to our society.

    I have attended a number of IPA events over the years and they provide great speakers and the people who attend the events are awesome. One of the best ‘Networking’ gatherings on the calendar. If you ever get a chance to go, make sure you do as you get to meet really intelligent and interesting people.

    Andrew would be personally humbled at the huge response and support he has received. It makes me proud to see Aussies band together like this. Bloody marvelous!

      • Winston Smith
      • October 6th, 2011

      ‘Young’ Winston Smith? Bloody whippersnapper – I’m 59. The offer was fair dinkum too. Got me name on the IPA thingy as well. This free speech lark is too important to let go by.

      Now I’ll get my Milo and milk and toddle off to bed, with the assistance of my Zimmer Frame, of course.

    • Also, a note referring to young ‘Winston Smith’ in the thread; that was a mighty fine offer he made to kick in for a defence appeal. I sent a few dollars to the IPA myself this week on condition of anonymity.

      As the great Seymour Goldfarb Jr. of the Goldfarb’s Girdle’s Fortune once stated in response to a blonde bombshell’s query as to why his headlights were off on the post-dusk automotive embarkation of a journey to end all journeys…

      “Why advertise?”

  1. Hi,
    I thought it was a fantastic read, and Andrew sounded a lot better this morning on radio.
    I really hope that the Herald Sun does appeal, I think they have a good case. I too am very proud of all the people who managed to donate, good on them, and the left must be really hating the fact that people are donating and sticking up for Andrew as well as free speech.

  2. Yep. Listening now, and he’s sounding better/normal again. Maybe I’ll get round to donating a bit, too.

  3. Bob Belvedere at The Camp Of The Saints featured my piece on Bolt, which has drawn some interest from his readers in the US.
    Unintended consequences, anyone? All this dancing and whooping from the Left will make Bolt known to people who’d never heard of him before. For the sake of a few articles that were already – in internet terms – ancient history.
    It just never occurs to some folks that the best revenge is keeping your mouth shut.

    • Good point. Bolt probably hasn’t had this much international interest since his awesome coverage of Climategate.

    • I should also acknowledge a post from elcampeador over at et cetera*.

      • Man, every time the weather changes, his domain changes.

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