Friday Night Party Music

Not a bad week. Hope everyone had a good one.

We saw the most useless protests ever on Wall Street, KRudd joking about being PM, Oakeshott confusing a hollow gesture with a real outcome, England’s big bank dude printing more money, a slightly perkier Bolta, and by a kind of lucky stroke (at least for our PM), a 14 year old boy who’ll unwittingly take the spotlight off Gillard when she rams through her carbon tax next week.

Ho hum. Time to chillax.

And even though it wasn’t what I was in the mood for*, one can’t not play Tony Soul’s very last balcony session of deep house.

*But who knows after five hours?

PS Feel free, of course, to post your own clips and/or use this as an open thread.


    • Carpe Jugulum
    • October 7th, 2011

    Finally figured out why wordpress wouldn’t load / took forever to load – damn graphics card has shit itself.


    • For sure, this is bucking the trend, but surely the past tense of “shit” (and for that matter) “spit” should be “shat” and “spat”.* Keeping the past tense in present tense form makes no sense other than the boffins off the day considered the words too uncouth to pay any proper attention to.

      ad continuum, sit, sat; fit, fat.

      We know “sat” is the past tense of “sit”; and so should “fat” be the past tense of “fit”.

      e.g. Once I was fit, and now I am fat.

      You know it makes sense.

      And get another graphics card!

      * Doubling the consonant and adding “ed” as per what is often/usually the case when there’s a consonant followed by a vowel followed by a consonant, in these instances, sounds so clumsy.

        • J.M. Heinrichs
        • October 8th, 2011

        “fit” is the past thingie of “fight”.


    • Sean of Deer Park
    • October 7th, 2011

    Just do it!!!!!!!!!!! yay… AWESOME! So good the dog is running around the house in a crazed state. Very happy on a Friday Night, indeed! (I’m allowed to say that? Yes!)

    “Hello, hello, hello, hello” Bop, bop, tish tish; drink, drunk!
    “Here we are now… entertain us!”

    • After weeks of Azzy stealing April’s food, now April is stealing Azzy’s food.

      • April attacks! Attacks again! Aslan draws comfort in last weekend’s suit in a bag. Maybe next lifetime buddy. Having just finished dinner, Aslan searches for more food. They square off…

        • They chillax yet still scheme ponder…

          • With Tony Soul on in the background, they coax their owner towards serfdom sleep, acting all relaxed until 6am when, fuck me, they just go crazy?!?!?!? Every single frickin’ day!

            • Sean of Deer Park
            • October 8th, 2011

            Honestly, BB. This first mix is unreal. I’m up to 2:09 now. It truly is fantastic. What a find. Well done. So impressed down here in Melb. You’re a legend. Downloading as I type (It’s only up to 2:43… it’s a slow link here but playing ok). Love it. Looking forward to the balcony mix ’cause that dude is great too (judging from last time).

            I know what I’m playing next party here at my place. Thank you, big time! I didn’t notice the 5 hour reference at first. So, very happy!

            Let’s dedicate it to Spot. Full of energy and life. “I have a dream; one day” This thread reminds me of the best night out in my life. You are the messiah! Me hat goes off te ya! WICKED.

            • Too many mixes start off with an awesome build and then drop into such a disappointing track. As soon as I heard the first minute of that mix, I knew I was set.

              I thought you would and am glad you like it. It actually ended up flowing beautifully into Tony’s mix.

              And no, I’m not on the gear (blogging at this hour).

              Frickin’ kitteh.

              As for spot; love him. Think he’s OK. He tweeted literally a minute ago.



              Totally stoked with that endorsement, BTW! 🙂

    • Winston Smith
    • October 9th, 2011

    Sent about a dozen replies into Bolts blog today, only two were printed. We know he’s got a moderator now, so wtf is going on?

    • Yeah. I gave up bothering there a while back. Still good for the posts, though.

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