Another reason for a double dissolution

As if repealing the carbon tax (Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, will still face a hostile Senate even if he wins the next election in a landslide) was enough of a reason for two elections in quick succession, the latter being a double dissolution, now there’s another good reason… just in case.

TONY Abbott’s forecast roll-back of poker machine laws is strengthening the chances of voters heading towards two elections in quick succession.

But it also is increasing the likelihood that Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be able to complete a full term in office with the support of cross bench MPs.

The Opposition Leader last night told a Sydney rally he expected he would fight the proposed pokie pre-commitment laws in Parliament.

“When this legislation comes before the Parliament I predict that we will oppose it,” Mr Abbott told a cheering crowd of about 1000 at Campbelltown RSL.

“And if this legislation is passed by the Parliament, and if we then subsequently form a government, I predict that we will rescind it. That’s what I predict.”

Not that I’m a fan of pokie machines either – they remind me of a bad acid trip – but further regulation of them should not in a democracy come down to one or two men holding the government to ransom over a personal whim.


Channel 9 vs a government being dictated to:

THE Nine Network was planning a coordinated on-air campaign against Julia Gillard’s poker machine reforms as early as July – two months before NRL commentators Ray Warren and Phil Gould attacked the scheme during a preliminary final broadcast.

    • Winston Smith
    • October 26th, 2011

    Funnily enough, a vast majority of the random people I see in my clinic each day would LIKE to see a double dissolution election happen, just so they could take a cricket bat to the Greens.

    • Merilyn
    • October 26th, 2011

    Winston, listen to what Bob Brown has to say here, [yes I know you would rather listen to anyone else], bing this man is NUTS.

    • Merilyn
    • October 26th, 2011

    Oops forgot the link. Sorry.

    • Winston Smith
    • October 26th, 2011

    Did I just see what I really saw?
    The speaker didn’t even take the time to look to see if the yeas or nays were said.

    • Catching up
    • October 26th, 2011

    “democracy come down to one or two men holding the government to ransom over a personal whim.”

    Not actually true but I suppose that does not matter in this day and age.

    The Productivity Commission advise that action be taken because of the cost to the community of problem gamblers.

    Yes. Mr. Wilkie and the SA senator bought the matter to a head.

    What is wrong with that. Both have campaign on the matter. The SA senator for years.

    As both are in Parliament because of the mandate those who voted for them. Both have a responsibility to act on behalf of those voters.

    I think it is more than a personal whim, it is one that many share including those addicted to gambling.

    The truth is that the new propositions are not that extreme and will affect only a small number of people.

    The Poker machine industry has gone too far and needs to be winded back..

    No one is suggesting that they be got rid of.

    Mr. Abbott is only looking for a stunt to divert attention away from the PM in WA.

    • Well, Wilkie has threatened to withdraw his crucial support if he doesn’t get his legislation passed. A government would be brought down over one bill they don’t really endorse yet would be forced to passed.

      Anyway, of course there are problem gamblers out there but expecting this bill will do anything whatsoever to solve the problem is naive at best.

      There are plenty of other avenues by which to gamble.

      The end result will be we will still have problem gamblers and our RSLs, Leagues Clubs etc. will take an unnecessary hit.

      Personally, I’m always wary when government thinks it’s its duty to make people responsible. Yet another erosion of the concept of personal responsibility.

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