News on the news

And the news is we still aren’t likely to pay.

It will be interesting to see, however, how the Australian fares having gone behind their paywall.

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • October 26th, 2011

    I shan’t be paying for it. In fact, its been deleted from my bookmarks.

    Still not sure if I want to read the tele everyday though, or God forbid, the sad tabloid rag that passes for a daily here in WOZ.

  1. Hi,
    We all knew it was coming, what surprised me was all the opinion pieces went behind the pay wall, I wasn’t expecting that. Even though they have a deal going for 3mths free, I didn’t bother signing up for it. I am waiting to see what goes behind the pay wall when the Herald Sun, Telegraph etc. starts theirs up. 😦

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