Juuuus’ kiddin’. I still loves yas.

Meanwhile, the great debate wages on…

(AP) NORTHAMPTON, Mass. – Smith College students held protests and counter-protests, wrote chalk slogans pro and con on campus walkways, and heaped personal criticism on the manager of dining services over rumors that the school was going vegetarian and would start buying only local produce.

No meat? No coffee?

It turns out it was all a hoax.

Two professors at the prestigious women’s college in Northampton cooked up the prank as part of their introductory class in logic.

Logic can be dry, and the hoax was a way to liven up the class, professor Jay Garfield told The Boston Globe. About 100 students were told to convince the campus that it was real by whatever means they thought would be most effective.

Ho hum, vegies are healthy after all. Pity Steve Jobs thought they could also cure cancer.

  1. Hi,
    If I would of been going to this college I would not of been happy about this at all. They were lucky they didn’t have a revolt. 🙂

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