Just who have we replaced Gaddafi with?

It’s one thing cheering the removal of dictators across the Arab world, supporting various uprisings, but has the West been careful enough and acted with sufficient foresight?

The war in Libya, at least NATO’s involvement, always struck me as popping up out of nowhere – an InstaWar if you will – without enough research into who would fill the power vacuum.

SICKENING new footage of Muammar Gaddafi’s last moments show he was almost certainly executed by his rebel captors, one of whom appears to have humiliated him by brutalising him with a knife or stick.

The horrific images of mob cruelty, shot in the minutes leading up to Gaddafi’s death, have been posted on the news site GlobalPost.

The shaky footage, shot on a rebel’s handheld mobile phone after Gaddafi was seized late last week hiding in a drainpipe outside of Sirte, has been broken down to a series of stills, which show Gaddafi in agony after a man stabs him in the rear.

The full video of Gaddafi’s capture makes for shocking viewing as seemingly hysterical fighters chant “Allah Akbar!” (God is Great) and drag the former Libyan leader towards a vehicle.

Sodomised with a knife as “God is great” is repeatedly chanted.

Not that Gaddafi was a saint by any means, but exactly who has Obama and the rest of Europe put their weight behind?

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • October 27th, 2011

    Now I’m not saying that I support how he met his end, but I can easily imagine that similar and worse things occurred in the name of the ‘revolution’ during the last 40 years.

    But I will agree 100% with the lack of foresight into his replacement. I’m fairly sure thats how Iran came to be in its current situation…

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