Why are we spending so much money on Africa?

Firstly, it’s not as if all of Africa is a backwater.

Secondly, why is our government pledging millions to help their mining industry when we have mining interests of our own that they are likewise hurting with things such as the useless carbon tax and the forthcoming super profits tax?

Thirdly, when much of Africa are their own worst enemy, perhaps it would be wiser to step back until they sorted out their own affairs better.

Take this classic example:

An African dictator’s son spent $US100 million ($96 million) of his impoverished country’s money on luxuries including a private jet, a Malibu mansion, and a trove of Michael Jackson memorabilia, according to the US Justice Department.

Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue is alleged to have lived a playboy way of life in California where he owned a collection of 24 sports cars valued at $US10 million.

Mr Obiang, thought to be aged 43, is the eldest son and heir apparent to Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the president of Equatorial Guinea. He serves as a minister of forestry and agriculture in his father’s government and last week was appointed his country’s representative for UNESCO.

LOL. The UN would love this guy.

Read on for what is an absolutely astounding list of expensive, useless crap this guy bought whilst most of his countrymen he is meant to be serving can’t even get clean drinking water.

Blame Capitalism and evil corporations for Africa’s problems if you like, but it is clear the far bigger problem lies within.

According to the US Justice Department, the country’s valuable natural resources, including oil, gas and timber, were allegedly used to line the pockets of the president, his son and their close associates.

Alleged corruption included bribery and money laundering schemes, such as demanding fees from companies before signing logging concessions, or paying a tax before getting timber exports approved. The complaint said: “During President Obiang’s more than 30-year rule members of the inner circle have amassed extraordinary wealth through a variety of corrupt schemes.”

  1. The round total for foreign aid pumped into Africa over the last fifty years is somewhere US$2.5 trillion. Not a lot to show for that investment.

    • There was that Redford/Streep movie…

      Never got round to seeing it…

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • October 27th, 2011

    $2,500,000,000,000? Imagine the Torana you could build for that kind of money…

    P.S. Yes I’ve been drinking with my hoon mates again. Btw tomorrow is a public holiday here in WOZ, thanks to Liz for stopping by.


    • Are there any real SLR 5000s left… or now it’s just stickers?

      Liz is OK. Imagine having to be nice to everyone you met.

      Tough job.

        • The Wizard of WOZ
        • October 28th, 2011

        You’re right there, I wouldn’t want her job. Harry on the other hand…

        As for the SLRs. Yeah there are a few around. But why would you want a car that costs 40 grand, has an 8 track, a crap 4 speed gearbox, a weak diff, no aircon, vinyl seats and a carby that needs tuning every 2000km?

        Give me an LC with an LS3 stroker, turbo 400, 4 link 9 inch, tubs, twins to the diff, half cage, 2 buckets, 4 points and a simple velour interior any day. Yeah it might cost another 20 or 30 grand, but it may be a small bit faster…

        • OK. You win. A modern Korean car would be faster than an old Torana. I thought we were talking body shape.

          This ain’t Tim Blair. What the hell is an LC with and LC3, 4 link 9 inch etc…

          All I remember is a mate’s butterfly valves not giving initial acc., but flying past later, something about rotaries and holding the foot on both pedals and then dumping it, and handbrakies.

            • The Wizard of WOZ
            • October 28th, 2011

            LCs were the first Australian designed Torana. Small, light, but with a fair bit of old school style.

            Swap out the 161 inch (2.6l in the new money) 114hp (85kw in the new money) factory carbied 6, for a 416 inch (6.8l) 700hpish (520kw) injected V8, which is the LS3 stroker. Same donk as you’d find in a new Corvette or Camaro, but with more inches and ponies, those things girls like.

            Most of the rest is there to give you a quarter of a chance of getting that kind of power to the road in a car that weighs about a ton, and trying to keep the driver in one bit when the fit hits the shan.

            Your driving techniques are somewhat dated. Butterfly valves (in carbies) have been done away with due to the advent of electronic throttle bodies (not that I’d ever have one, be buggered if I’ll let a computer control the air input).

            I’m not sure about one foot on both pedals. If you have two feet, and you need to use one on more than one pedal, there should be three pedals. Or four in a Torana.

            As for handbrakies, those of use with rear wheel drive normally use right foot steering instead. Its a bit harder to control, but it produces much more of that wonderful tyre smoke that pleases Gaia so much.

            Rotaries are still gayer than aids.

            • OK. Cage, roll cage, buckets, bucket seats… and cheers for the rest.

              Kinda relevant…

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • October 28th, 2011

    Because it balances the Aussie aid money sent to China.


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