You’ve had your fun, now get lost

Perhaps if the various “Occupy” protests had had a clear, coherent message, realised that real money has to be made rather than taken or given, and hadn’t trashed the place(s) they’d “occupied”, I’d have more sympathy.

Instead, they amounted to little more than a giant, useless collective mish-mash of virtually every leftist and/or uninformed/ill-informed whim out there.

OAKLAND, Calif. — After weeks of cautiously accepting the teeming round-the-clock protests spawned by Occupy Wall Street, several cities have come to the end of their patience and others appear to be not far behind.

Here in Oakland, in a scene reminiscent of the antiwar protests of the 1960s, the police filled downtown streets with tear gas late Tuesday to stop throngs of protesters from re-entering a City Hall plaza that had been cleared of their encampment earlier in the day. And those protests, which resulted in more than 100 arrests and at least one life-threatening injury, appeared ready to ignite again on Wednesday night as supporters of the Occupy movement promised to retake the square. Early Wednesday evening, city officials were trying to defuse the situation, opening streets around City Hall, though the encampment site was still fenced off.

Across the bay, meanwhile, in the usually liberal environs of San Francisco, city officials there had also seemingly hit their breaking point, warning several hundred protesters that they were in violation of the law by camping at a downtown site after voicing concerns about unhealthy and often squalid conditions in the camp, including garbage, vermin and human waste.


Compare that to the Tea Party protests which had a coherent message – get back to the Constitution, states rights, individual rights, less spending, less taxes, smaller government – and kept the areas they protested in clean, sanitary, and non-violent (safe), and it’s little wonder the real 99% don’t have much more time, and nor the surrounding businesses neither, for these “occupiers”.


If one of their main concerns is corporations and lobbyists having too much control over government, they should look no further than President Obama, who took a record amount of donations from Wall Street, and the Democrats in general who receive far more in these types of donations than do the Republicans.

LOL. They should have joined a Tea Party protest.

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