But who’s buying that one?

I’ll buy James Packer’s argument that pokie reforms will hurt – in some cases (but not his) severely – the businesses that run them, but that it will hurt tourism?

Give us a break, big shot.

Seriously. What friggin’ tourist flies all the way to Australia just to play a bloody poker machine?

Wilkie might be a one man wolf pack, sure, but Packer ain’t helping the cause.


Listening to the radio, and maybe I underestimated how many people do sit on a plane for 12 hours to play pokies
( 🙄 ), but anyway, some bloke called in and noted that Oz pokies pay out 87c to the dollar whilst online, mostly UK-based, sites pay out 97c. Being UK-based, of course, NONE of the revenue will go to our governments to help pay for roads, schools, and hospitals and NONE of the proposed restrictions will apply.

Please, please, could there just be one, I’m not asking much, just one policy this government could get right?

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • October 28th, 2011

    This Is Much More Interesting:


    • They forgot chlorine and water. Reverse the ratios and it gets pretty fun.

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