The PM can blame QANTAS all she likes…

…But it isn’t going to change the fact that she could have acted to fix the situation before any planes were grounded using the very laws that she personally helped draft.

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has blamed Qantas for leaving thousands of passengers stranded in Australia and around the world, insisting the airline didn’t need to take the “extreme” action of grounding its fleet.

As the federal opposition tried to force Labor onto the back foot on Monday over the handling of the dispute between Qantas and three unions, Ms Gillard defended the government’s actions and the industrial relations laws she drafted when she was workplace relations minister in the Rudd government.

“I do not believe that this extreme action should have been taken,” Ms Gillard told parliament.

“I do not believe that Qantas should have acted to leave tens of thousands of Australians stranded effectively without notice around Australia and in many parts of the world.”

Ms Gillard said Qantas “had other options open to it” on Saturday when its board authorised the grounding of its domestic and international fleet, including asking the industrial umpire Fair Work Australia (FWA) to terminate all industrial action.

Thank goodness our PM doesn’t actually build the planes herself.

At losses of $15 million a week, and government measures that could have stemmed the exodus of cash not being used, exactly what else could QANTAS have done?

I think reader Carpe Jugulum is right. Gillard expected QANTAS to roll over for the government unions like a dog, but this time, instead, it said “woof”.

  1. October 31st, 2011

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