Seriously? That’s how some people shop?

Considering online clothes shops offer refunds and exchanges, do folks realise how the following would monumentally stuff things up for those of us who, er, shop normally?

A SURPRISING number of Australians are happy to pay to try on clothes, with one in four willing to fork out to step into the changing room.

Retailers have been complaining of customers trying on clothes in their store, only to buy it cheaper online.

But a survey released today by Canstar Blue showed 25 per cent of respondents supported a “try-on” charge – which would be refunded at the point of sale “to help the brick and mortar retail industry recoup costs following the boom in online shopping”.

Canstar Blue manager Rebecca Logan said a refundable fitting retail fee had attracted widespread debate in Australia.

“At the moment ‘try-on’ charges are mostly confined to specialist retailers who supply items such as wedding dresses, ski suits and cameras,” Ms Logan said.

But Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn was sceptical of the survey result.

“The idea of paying a fee which you would forfeit if you didn’t buy the thing would be right up there with the most unpalatable of ideas,” Mr Zinn said.

Unpalatable? Hope I was the only poor bastard reading that article over breakfast.*

TBH, LBB and I buy a ton of stuff online, but not being able to try something on?


*but not even that can ruin bacon…

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