Why would you do this?

We all know a big part of the reason why countries like Greece are up the economic proverbial is because for decades, the public have been able to vote themselves all kinds of unsustainable goodies.

We all know that to have some hope of not completely collapsing, the Greek government is having to take some pretty drastic yet loooong overdue austerity measures, economic speak for “no more free lunches”.

Now I know Ouzo is a pretty strong drink, but seriously, what does one have to be on to even consider the following???

The Greek government teetered and stock markets around the world plummeted Tuesday after a hard-won European plan to save the Greek economy was suddenly thrown into doubt by the prospect of a public vote.One day after Prime Minister George Papandreou stunned Europe by calling for a referendum, the ripples reached from Athens, where some of his own lawmakers rebelled against him, to Wall Street, where the Dow Jones industrial average plunged almost 300 points.

Papandreou convened his ministers Tuesday night, and a spokesman said the prime minister was sticking to his decision to hold the referendum, which would be the first since Greeks voted to abolish the monarchy in 1974. Papandreou has also called a vote of confidence in his government, to be held midnight Friday.

“The government is not falling,” said Angelos Tolkas, a deputy government spokesman.

Not falling perhaps, but definitely failing.

I’ll learn how to make souvlakis, heck, I might even start working at the kebab shop on weekends, if the riotous Greek public actually vote to have their candy taken away.

TBH, I couldn’t give two sh*ts if Greece alone fails, but when they threaten to take the rest of us down with them… well.


JM discovered that one, too.

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