Are OWS protesters protesting against… themselves???

Are these modern-day flagellates** back at “work” under the guise of trustafarianism?

a. a spoiled rich white kid who smokes pot.
b. a person who, in an act of rebellion has taken to smoking pot, pan-handling, and following grateful dead rip-off bands during the week, and then returning to his or her parent’s cozy home in the suburbs during the weekend.
c. one who lives with poorer people in an attempt to gain credibility, or street-cred, while disguising the trust fund they actually live off
Don’t let that guy smoke any of your stash, he’s a trustafarian, and never has his own to share.

Funny I didn’t pick that one up since I lived it* for a number of years (maybe moving on really is moving on?)


Just take a look at some of the houses these poor down-trodden folk go home to.

Ze evidence.

In all seriousness, but, what’s really dangerous is that some of America’s (and the world’s) best and brightest youth are being corrupted by some extremely hostile elements.

Read more of sdog here

The Texan home of an Occupy Wall Street protester, arrested October 5th

* Reasonably well-off but no trust fund… sorry LBB

** They’re whipping something, that’s for sure…

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