Kevin 11 after all?

What could go wrong?

KEVIN Rudd insists he is happy being foreign minister as other Labor MPs dismiss reports of an imminent leadership challenge against Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Rudd is being urged by key backers within and outside the Labor caucus to challenge Julia Gillard for the leadership later this month.

Labor figures behind the push for the former PM to take back the job removed from him last June have confirmed he is now being advised by his closest confidantes not to wait until next year.

“As I’ve said one thousand times before, I’m very, very happy being the foreign minister,” Mr Rudd told reporters at Parliament House in Canberra today.

“That hasn’t changed and won’t change.”

He refused to directly reject talk of a challenge to Ms Gillard, who is in France for the G20 leaders summit.

Interesting. While the cat’s away…

Tim Blair:

“The likely gap between a Rudd return and an election: weeks.”

Blair reader crossie isn’t so sure, however.

Yes, it would be wise to remember not all on this government’s monumental list of stuff ups (add QANTAS, pokies and a possible EU bailout) isn’t all the current PM Gillard’s fault when former PM Rudd did his fair share, too.

Rudd doesn’t yet have the numbers, but he’s close.


Former Labor leader, Mark Latham, likes Stephen Smith.

Either way, “there was movement at the station, for the word had passed around that the colt from old Regret had got away…”

H/T Andrew Bolt


Key Labor figures choose to attack the messenger… hmmm.

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