Yep. Defintely could have been prevented

The other day it was reported the government failed to act and use powers in its own statutes to prevent the QANTAS grounding.

And now this:

PROMINENT union leader Tony Sheldon has conceded his union’s bid to force Qantas to submit to contentious job security clauses would not have been possible under the Howard government and was only achievable after Labor changed workplace laws.

As business intensified pressure on the Gillard government to change the Fair Work Act in the wake of the Qantas grounding, Mr Sheldon acknowledged the union tactic of taking legal action in support of its job security campaign would have been prohibited under the former Work Choices regime.

So is it a bad law, a bad government, or both?


Meanwhile, business does what business does best.

VIRGIN Australia has fired the first shot in a domestic airfare war by introducing cut-price business-class seats in a high-risk move designed to build on its gains from the Qantas chaos.

And traffic through the budget airline’s business class lounges jumped by “hundreds of per cent” in the days after Qantas grounded its entire fleet last weekend, the Daily Telegraph reported.

News of what Virgin boss John Borghetti described as a “stratospheric” rise in numbers of customers through the lounges came as the airline moved quickly to capitalise on the influx of new high-end customers after the Qantas grounding.

The new domestic business class service on the eastern seaboard will start from January.

Not sure if PM Gillard will be receiving a Christmas card from QANTAS chief, Alan Joyce, this year…

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