I don’t like what he’s saying, but…

…Freedom of Speech should give him the right to say it, no matter how much we detest it.

FEDERAL police are investigating a heartless website campaign by a Muslim extremist desecrating the memory of fallen soldiers.

As the bodies of three Diggers killed by a rogue Afghan soldier began their journey home this week, radical Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon caused outrage among grieving families by launching a cruel Facebook page attacking the men, the Herald Sun reported.

Unless he’s actually trying to incite violence, as deplorable as his views are, they should be allowed.

He’s sick in the head, but they’re just words.

Funny how when Andrew Bolt calls for an end to racial segregation, the Left hound him down.


Not a peep.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • November 4th, 2011

    I agree with your sentiment here, BB. I thought the man; mad. What exactly are the feds going to do about it? The people are free to make up their own minds on his opinions (if they can be bothered looking). Let the idiot say what he wants. An affront, yes. Especially to families who have lost loved ones to the cause. We already know there are nutters in the world, our military are making attempts to thwart them. That is the whole point of being there. It takes time, and as you say, these are only words from an unhinged individual. Sticks and Stones, and all that.

    People like this idiot only prove to us there is a problem we should address. This type of behaviour in our own backyard should only reinforces our commitment to fight against the aggressors. The real problem is the people who commit the atrocities and this is where we need to spend our time, addressing the real concerns and stopping the violence. By all mean, keep the bugger under surveillance, but I can not see how we should be allowed to shut them up. Knowledge is power. Keeping them quite will not change their minds. Good call on the Bolt case. An interesting contrast of issues.

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