No referendum for Greece

And no pointless crap on whether it was the right thing to do, because in the Greek case it was clear that had a referendum been held, it would have been rejected… and had it not been held… ?

It will be imposed by a democratically elected government…

And that government will be subsequently voted out…

Perhaps the Greek government’s proposed referendum on austerity measures was the right (moral) thing to do, but only in a hypothetical sense.

Now the result is that much closer, which means any recovery is that much closer.

Either way, Greece must default and leave the EU. Get their currency and sovereign democracy back on track.

Sorry. Realpolitik

  1. Your last line says it all. They have to leave the EU. Their economic model is unsustainable. And all they will do (and the bailout will do) is prolong the inevitable. If they do not leave, they will only sink the entire confederation.

    • Someone on the Internets somewhere likened it to Australia forming an EU-type union with all the other nations in Oceania. In what fantasy world would any kind of parity be reached?

      It’s bad enough every CHOGM meeting ends up with us handing billions over to archaic “allies”.

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