Next No Carbon Tax Rally Midday Thursday Nov. 17

It will be held outside Parliament House in Canberra to coincide with Obama’s visit.

Sure, it’s a Thursday and the Bills have been passed, but if you can make it, the message could well gain an international audience.

Details here. Coaches will be organised, and various speakers will be in attendance.

No special rape-proof tents will be there however.

Thanks to Mags for the heads up.

    • Ian
    • November 7th, 2011

    What no rape-proof tents? πŸ˜†
    I hope there is a good turn out, the international press will definitely be there with Obama in Parliament the same day.

    • That is my comment above, my log in must of just logged out. πŸ˜†

      • That’s ur hubby, stealin’ ur internetz…

        Maybe, LOL. πŸ˜‰

        • Actually Ian is a friends grandchild, who was on the computer last Sunday when they visited. I wonder what on earth he was up to, the mind boggels. πŸ˜†

          • LOL, check the history file…

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