On QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce

I know I’m just repeating talking points by the Hate Media, but they are points well worth repeating.

The treatment QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce received over the weekend by the Senate hearing was utterly atrocious.

Here’s a man – of only a few in the room – who had the guts to, in the long run, actually try and save the jobs of thousands of QANTAS workers.

Simply put, the months of industrial action could not go on indefinitely, the airline would have gone bankrupt, and the CEO took the only feasible action possible under a “Fair” Work Act that should have acted earlier, and even could have been used by a government seemingly intent to rip the guts out of Australia by any (and many) means possible.

Bob Brown acted like a snake, a schoolyard bully and Doug Cameron was almost just as bad, but perhaps with more naivety and less slipperiness.

It has taken a while to sink in, but this makes me so mad.

Where was the Senate – the stupendously hostile – Senate inquiry into pink batts, the BER, the NBN, the live cattle trade, the hundreds of dead boat people, the child bride import trade?

This government is rotten to its core, propped up by leeches, fake snakeoil salesmen such as Tim Flannery and Tony Windsor.

More than disgusted, I am ashamed that our such great system has been raped by such parasites.

Go to that rally at Parliament House on Nov. 17 if you can in any way possible make it.

TBH, this government is beyond lucky the crowd there will “only” be holding signs and shooting pictures.

  1. Hi,
    I think Qantas needs a rethink about OZ, it may not be worth the hassle to stay here at all. The union dispute has been going for months, people of the left seem to forget about this fact. The disruption’s to the Qantas flights was horrendous, flights had to be canceled, or not flown at all, time and time again. I think Joyce did the right thing.

    These negotiations that are going on now for the 21 days I don’t think will go anywhere. They may have to do what Virgin does and base themselves in another country and be done with this crap altogether.

    • It reminds me of the ambivalence of American trade unions in regards to global realities that also has pushed so much essential manufacturing offshore.

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