OWS rape shelters a necessity: where’s the MSM?

Particularly disturbing, is that many “Occupyers” aren’t even reporting rapes and sexual assualt. And whilst the MSM kind of is, the reporting is kept to a minimum.


Let it sink in: Their protests now need rape shelters. This is actually happening. And New York City lets it go on.

That above link has a Daily Caller video of these “peaceful” protesters outside the Washington meeting of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

A reporter, Michelle Field covered the protesters that night. She was surrounded and harrassed for hours with calls of “F— Michelle Fields!” being yelled at one stage, interviews she tried to conduct (to, er, let them have their say), were repeatedly censored and a 78 year old woman was knocked to ground, her blood spilled.

John Nolte:

One of the secret weapons the corrupt mainstream media uses in their never-ending quest to Palace Guard for the left is context. For example, when it came to the Tea Party, the MSM was notorious for amplifying a single incident (that was usually a lie) and using it to attempt to smear and define an entire movement. This is what you do when you want to quickly take out a political enemy.

The MSM’s contextual game changes, however, when their desire is to strengthen a movement and give it credibility and room to grow. By dutifully reporting individual incidents but not reporting on the growing scope and size of Occupy Wall Street lawlessness, the MSM is willfully covering up the violence, vandalism, and anti-Semitism that truly does define this movement.

Nolte has also compiled a list of 81 (and counting) various offences from Occupy protests ranging from public defecation, needles, rapes, gang rapes and theft.

Meanwhile, as police resources are stretched, shootings have gone up 154% in NY.

There’s even an unconfirmed report of a death, probably from drug overdose.

Yet remember when the media jumped up and down about the Tea Party? And they hadn’t (and haven’t) even committed any offences (or at best, very few) apart from holding up some signs.

That this collective of shouty losers, drug addicts, rapists and generally people who can’t even take a dump properly claims it represents 99% of humanity is a sick joke.

No Obama. There is no equivilence between the OWS mob and the Tea Party movement.


  1. Hi,
    It seems rape is OK by the left just as long as there are no signs saying “Ditch the Witch”, these people are beyond pathetic. If this was happening at a No Carbon Tax Rally all hell would be breaking loose. 😡

    The next No Carbon Tax Rally will be held on Thursday the 17th of November outside Parliament House in Canberra while Obama is in town.

    • The media would go berserk.

      Thanks for the rally heads up.

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