This isn’t going to end well

A look into the inner workings of the OWS movement.

Ed Morrissey:

Last month, I wrote that the Occupy Wall Street organization looked like a child from a marriage between Animal Farm and Animal House. In an insider account written by an Occupier alarmed at the hijacking of the movement — and its funding — from the OWS “General Assembly,” it’s clear that the analogy didn’t go quite far enough. It’s Animal Farm meets Animal House, all right, but with Niedermeyer running the Deltas.

That Insider account by Fritz tucker:

It’s all about who gets to control the money, and lo and behold, it’s even less than 1% of the people involved in the movement.

How… ironic.

But back to Ed:

What a great system OWS has designed … for people who want to seize control of the movement and the funds. It looks like this movement has its own 1% that want to dictate to the 99% how to live their lives. Frankly, I think the 99% have a better chance in the system we have than in the neo-Stalinist model they’re building in Zuccotti Park, and we have a century of experience on our side in that argument.

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